Handicap Accessible Programs

All our Theater Programs and Stem Extension Workshops are handicap accessible. We are able to tailor our programs to the special needs of the attending class. When scheduling, please inform us of any activity limitations and/or participation restrictions.

Preparatory and Reinforcement Activities

Pre-Curriculum Packets and Post-Curriculum Packets are sent to all teachers scheduling programs. These provide helpful activities and information before and after your visit to reinforce concepts of each lesson. Resources also available in Spanish!

Parent Information Letter

Pre-Curriculum Packets includes letters for your students’ parents and/or guardians describing the program’s content. Resources also available in Spanish!


Please follow your district or organization’s policy on the number of chaperones required for field trips.


Our Great Hall provides an area for packed lunches or snacks during your visit.

STEM Extension Workshop

STEM Extension activities are provided at Byrnes Health Education in our Auditorium. STEM Extensions include 10 hands-on activities designed for students to complement specific theater programs. This program requires an additional one (1) hour of instruction time as well as the participation of 10 adult volunteers. STEM Extensions are available for: Decay? No Way!, SenseAble Me, Fueling My Special Body, Organ Tales, Cells to Systems, and Huffin’ ‘n’ Puffin’.

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